Tax Credits - Research & Development

Research and Experimentation Tax Credits (R&D) - A Quick Description

This credit is an instant spring of cash, it is also a major reduction to federal and state tax liability for current and future years.

Business owners in nearly every industry are unaware that federal and state research and experimentation (R&D) tax credit programs exist that may reward their day-to-day efforts aimed at producing an improved product. The Research and Development Tax Credit is a government-sponsored benefit that provides cash incentives for companies conducting research and developing products and services in the U.S. These monetary incentives were implemented to stimulate research, development and product experimentation in industries of all sizes, to encourage companies to work together, and to transform the economic landscape.

This credit is not simply for large corporations, companies with zero employees can also take advantage of this tremendous credit. "Any company that designs, develops, or improves products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software may be eligible. In fact, if a company has simply invested time, money, and resources toward the advancement and improvement of its products and processes" may qualify.


Research credits were first introduced back in the 1980s and were created to create a better financial environment for manufacturing companies in the US to compete with Japanese manufacturing companies, whom at the time were booming. Because of the large growth of technology, the credit has been revised multiple times in order to accommodate new tech companies that do a lot of in house research and development. The credit is meant to lower the cost of research in order to encourage more of it. So far the credit has been seen as a contributing factor in the huge growth of technology in the US. Since the 80s many states have followed suite and now offer these credits as well.

Now, more than $5 billion in federal R&D tax credit benefits are given out annually.

What I can Offer Your Company

Your Company pays nothing until you actually get the credit from the taxing authority. Unlike most companies that supply the research credit services, this is something our company takes pride in offering.

Allow us to do the complex calculations involved, and help classify what qualifies and what doesn't. We will then audit-proof your credit by meeting all the requirements that the Federal and State agencies place.

Audit Guarantee

Our company will not only represent you in the event of an audit on your R&D credit computations for free, but we guarantee our work.

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